The brave astronaut that comes with the set.

A set in the revival theme of Classic Space. It is a small space craft, with small wings and a flick fire missile. It also contains a small asteroid. It comes with a red Astronaut.

The Space Explorer Edit

It has a small, translucent yellow windshield, with many controls and switches in the cockpit. The wings are small, and contain small flick fire missiles on top. The engine is on the back, and has purple exhaust.


Summary from "76666 Space Explorer- comes with 96 pieces and 1 Minifigure.

Explore the vast cosmos with the awesome Space Explorer! Fire at any villians, including Space Pirates! Watch out for the incoming Asteroid!

-Fire the twin missiles!

-Put on the landing pad of 76670 Galactic Conquerer!

-Asteroid opens up to reveal a small crystal!

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