Iron Man is a minifigure in the custom themes, Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H and Avengers Assemble.


Taken prisoner by criminals, billionaire industrialist and inventor Tony Stark built a metal suit to escape. Now he fights evil all around the world as Iron Man, the Armored Avenger! With an ever-evolving series of hi-tech armor powered by the arc reactor in his chest, and a team of trusted friends to back him up, Iron Man is always on the cutting edge of justice.

Tony Stark is constantly tinkering with his Iron Man suit to make it stronger, faster, and more powerful. Designed with the latest next-generation Stark Industries technology, the upgraded Mark 42 armor leaves all of its predecessors in the dust. Watch out, villains – Iron Man is back, and he’s better than ever!


70736 Tunnel Attack

70737 Avengers Mansion

70738 Hyperion Battle


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